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Miniature Alert System

Miniature Alert System:

  • US made miniature alert system to keep you and your loved ones connected any time
  • No connection fees & No monthly fees
  • Use it daily to communicate
  • Makes up to 4 emergency calls
  • Works within more than 100 meters from its base
State of the art Portable Fetal Monitor

State of the art Portable Fetal Monitor:

  • Listens to Baby’s fetal heart
  • Operated by our skilled midwives
  • Results printed & transmitted to Doctor
24 hrs Electronic US Made Remote Patient Monitor

24 hrs Electronic US Made Remote Patient Monitor:

  • Measures Blood Pressure, Pulse, O2 content, Glucose, …from the patient’s home
  • Asks disease related questions to patient
  • Transmits all data to our center for monitoring & analysis
  • Periodic reports sent to Patient’s Doctor
  • Get 2nd Medical opinion
  • Family members can access data through the internet at any time
US Made Wheelchair

US Made Wheelchair:

  • A light wheelchair that helps patients or disabled individuals to move from a place to another
  • Easy and convenient
  • Many models available. Please contact us to enquire

Walkers (US made or other) :

  • A light and sturdy walker to regain the mobility of your loved ones
  • Please contact us to enquire
Commode Chair

Commode Chair:

  • Helps our patients in their daily living
US Made Riser & Recliner

US Made Riser & Recliner:

  • Helps our patients to sit and get up
  • Comes in many colors, fabrics and models
  • Can be ordered in leather as well


  • Designed to help our patients move around a house that has stairs- straight up or curved
Hydrogel Coated Foley Catheters

Hydrogel Coated Foley Catheters:

  • Made by BARD- USA

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