Complete Healthcare services at home

Home Care Lebanon S.A.L., Leader in medical care at home since 1997, has treated thousands of patients so far with near 95 % satisfaction.

Thanks to your supervision, we have managed to deliver safe and excellent care at home, through our team of registered nurses.

Why should the physician refer a patient to Home Care Lebanon (HCL)?


  1. For the well being of the patient.
  2. To reduce nosocomial infections.
  3. Because our Quality Control Unit is making sure that the MD’s Plan of Care is being properly executed.
  4. Because we are experienced leaders with over 400,000 visits and thousands of patients served.
  5. Because the MD is in total control of his/her patient’s status, through HCL’s reports.
  6. Because it allows the physician to see more patients that are in real need of a consultation.
  7. Because we are the ONLY company that covers ALL of LEBANON.
  8. Because we are the first company to be covered by ALL INSURERS.
  9. To avoid acquiring Covid-19 infections in the hospital.