Thank you homecare for the highly qualified, professional and caring team that you have.

Doctor Abed El karim alayali

I am very happy and satisfied with the nursing care especially with the presence of quality control unit.

Toufic Bitar

Thank you for the excellent nursing service you offered us. Thumbs up Home care.

Samir Siblini

Thank you very much for the support that you have given me. I am very proud and happy from the excellent team that came to my place

Sanaa Itani

خدمة ممتازة ممرضات ذو خبرة عالية ومع التوفيق الدائم ان شاء الله

منير الوادي

It's a wonderful service!!

Tamine Makarem

Un bon service et ce qu'il y a de meilleur c'est le contrôle après service.

Antoine Chenaihi

``N'hesitez pas de passer par Home Care pour avoir la tête tranquille``

Henri Hawa

Excellent team. Prompt and excellent services.

Dr. Rita Saliba

Un grand Merci à toute votre equipe, et à votre professionalisme.


Home Care Lebanon, you are excellent. I feel proud to see in my country a company like you. Thank you very much. Really I appreciate your standard of services and all what you do.


Exceptional response and clear explanation of service. Professional follow up and professional staff.

Adib Faris

Congratulations to you and your service, we are so happy that we have ``Home Care`` in Lebanon since everyone needs something to his health, you can do it.

Nehme Hajjar

Congratulations for the good Home Care treatment. I like your kindness and caring towards the patient , your punctuality. Keep it up.

Eid Chedrawi

Great team, surprised with all the great people. Thumbs up.

Mazen Malak

Never expected such a service in Lebanon. Really appreciated having a hospital service at home. Great team and I wish you all the best. Thank you Home Care.

Khalil Saade

j'ai eu affaire au service de Home Care. Le service est serieux et professionnel. Conseille à toute personne ayant besoin de soins à domicile de faire appel à leur service.

Amin Khazen

C'est un service excellent. Home Care m'a aidé a rester à domicile pour continuer le traitement .

Robert Boulos

Professional, clean and consitent staff. Home Care I wish you the best.

Hassan Saleh

Nice Team, very helpful and kind to the patient.

May Freih

La rapidité et le professionalisme du service et des infirmieres sont pour moi de grands atouts. Ils facilitent la vie du patient.

Rima Haddad

Je felicite vivement la societe Home Care pour les services de soins medicaux qu'elle assure à domicile de facon parfaite, à travers une excellente equipe consciencieuse parfaite et agréable.

Francois Abi Saab

I feel that Home Care is doing an excellent job. I am very satisfied with their service and highly appreciate being treated at home instead of being in the hospital.

Antoine MiKaelian

I feel secure with the caring staff of Home Care Lebanon. Thanks.

Jamile Khatib

Home Care Lebanon is a very helpful,grateful service provided at home and it's a privilege to have such a service. Thanks for all.

Raymond Zalloum

Thank you Home Care for the care you gave to the patients. It's very good to have such a service in Lebanon.


Service Impeccable. Infirmières professionnelles.. Excellentes a tous niveaux… Tenue,discretion,soins...


I thank each member of Home Care Lebanon for the heart full service, for the manners they have and for the message they hold and for their punctuality.

Toufic Zahreddine

Very good team and very careful. It is really a Home Care.

Antoine Daher

Everything was perfect; I was satisfied a lot from your behavior.

Sandy Issa

A great service for the patient. No complaints especially with the follow-up by the charming team. Thank You

Aziz Farhat

We, the family of the patient, thank Home Care Lebanon’s care, respect and professional work. We have felt that we are in the hospital being taken care of responsibly.

Rabih Kassouf

I am very proud to be dealing with Home Care Lebanon. It is hard these days to find such a hardworking, committed, professional, and a full-of-manners team.

Mohamad Bazzi

The service given by the team of HomeCare Lebanon is excellent.


I am sincerely overwhelmed by HomeCare Lebanon's services. Mr. D. K. (RN) is superb. He has personal and professional initiative. I heartily congratulate you for having him on your staff. Thank you again and again for high professional standard of HomeCare Services.

Najah Ghosn

Merci beaucoup, avec ma grande satisfaction de ce meilleur service.

Nemer Chamoun

The Registered Nurses who come to my house provide a professional and excellent service. We are proud of your company and of your choice of staff.

Rajaa'i Safadi

Very human and caring service.

Gabriel Deek

I am very impressed by the quality of your services at all levels: punctual,clean,efficient,very professional,having an answer for many medical questions,comprehensive. We can really depend on this company. Nothing forgotten, conscious on every matter.

Garbis Chekerdjian

There are many good things to say about your caring staff besides their professionalism,their punctuality & their attentive care. They are truly of high standards in providing personal attention & efficiency in performing their jobs. Therefore, I must congratulate you.


We would like to thank you for your very good quality of services and your professional caring staff.

Ibrahim Ajjour

As a new mother I was quite anxious to provide my newborn baby with the proper care and quallity upbringing that she deserves. Home Care Lebanon provided me with the right solution. Their staff is well trained, dedicated and above all caring. As such, I take no hesitation in recommending Home Care Lebanon to any new mother.


Yes indeed, I was very satisfied with all your services. The nurses were nice, caring, always on time, always smiling.

Mr. Mounzer F. Boustany

The kindness of your staff & professionalism make us very comfortable with you. Thank you.


J'atteste que je suis très satisfait de la qualité des services promulgués par vos infirmières qui executent avec perfection et un geste humain tous les soins qui me sont nécessaires.

Pierre Gholam

To whom it may concern, I am pleased to say that all your nurses were professional, sweet & caring. Also, your office staff was very helpful and courteous. Thanks for a job well done.

Sammy Kates

I wish to thank the management & the personnel for the impeccable behavior , amicable contact & conduct. Having been so well treated , I will certainly advise my friends & relatives who may be in need of home medical services to contact your organization.

Antoine Boulos